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Our global solution for restaurants and hotels means that whether you require Bookvideo's, Screens or simply want your clients to have access to your menu and amenities through their mobiles phones, we have everything covered for you. 



Our BOOKVIDEO allows you to display your menu in a dynamic way with the use of videos or imagery to optimise your sales. Whether you want to update your daily suggestions, communicate in multiple languages, specify allergens or include an agenda, our digital solution offers endless benefits to you and your clients. We also help co-fund your digital menu with your Food & Beverage suppliers, as the power of suggestion means that if their brand is put forward, their sales will automatically increase. Examples include creating enticing product photography of menu dishes, cocktails, wines or champagne.

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This new product extension is ideal for your lobby and hotel entrance. As they are easy to use and intuitive, these tactile screens perfect to present the hotel facilities and keep your guests informed of daily local happenings and special hotel events and deals. This product can also entice passers-by to come in and discover your establishment.

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Our in-room hotel solution provides hotel management to optimise sales throughout the hotel with a single holistic platform. By bringing together all your paper presentations such as the mini bar menu, the room directory, hotel facilities and spa catalogue, the BOOKVIDEO in-room solution will save you time and money. Your menu and room directory can also be updated in real time so that staff no longer need to visit each room to replace the content. Guests can also order breakfast directly from the in-room book and hence, facilitating your processes whilst also enhancing the customer experience.  

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Welcome to a truly global digital eco-system, where your guests simply connect to your wifi to get automatically redirected to a mobile interface where all your content is displayed. This solution is ideal for hotels and beaches. 

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